Ignorance is not bliss, being loved back is.

Sometimes we get around trying to act tough with people who unleash the soft in us. I hate to not say anything to somebody that I really, really want to talk to at a particular moment simply because pride convinces me that it’s their turn to text first or make the phone call, or probably because I am afraid they might not reply or that I could possibly be an annoyance to them

Nobody wants to be made to feel like they are in a relationship alone, or that they trying harder to bridge the gap a bit more than the person they share it with. It could be any relationship, i.e. friendship, love relationship, from a facebook friend, a whatsapp friend(if it exists, that is) or whatever it is that you share with them. It is so beautiful when the thirst is mutual. Act on this thought.

Let’s open a new topic: Have you ever wondered how awesome it’d be if two people loved each other the same way all at once? Where neither of the two would just tolerate the other just because it is rightful and conditional for them or their ‘social situation’? It’s utterly sickening to realize that it will never be that good and fair. I mean if you don’t agree with me think about it, you have probably seen in cases where you love somebody and they don’t love you back or the other way around, has that ever changed in your lifetime?

Ignorance is NOT bliss if it means enduring a bloody heartache from an ignorant person whom you are so clearly interested in and they just won’t cooperate. Anyway who cares, we are all victims in this situation one way or the other. I only think that the least anyone can do for someone is to rebuke themselves and act right. You do this by texting back on time or at least texting back eventually or in simple terms, ’reaching out’. Social platforms are all we have in these days and times, well that was until people started acting awkward in phone calls or not even picking them up altogether, fucking sucks big time.

I am not preaching that you should entertain any thirsty Mickey Mouse character who hits you up only because it fits their social class or for the fact they caught feelings over a picture of yours that they saw on facebook or whatever; red cards were made for those people. I think people who’ve stuck around for some time and made their intentions clear deserve the chance. I am sorry but this unfortunately, doesn’t involve friend zoned candidates or those ones who’ve been told way too many times that they are rejected. Get a life, have some pride.

Basically I mean those who you know very well that you like but just won’t let into your small hut because it’s filled with pride or what your friends think. Here’s the message; being the subject of the matter doesn’t make you anyhow special besides that you’re primarily being loved, it only determines whether you’re going to lose or win eventually in future occurrences. Be careful. I am out.


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