You could imagine an inter-sexual relationship as probably one of your stunts to get money from your parent to go out late with your friends when you have to babysit,NEVER WORKED OUT.Anyone who thinks this is not true,they are probably in this situation and will be the reason it won’t last.

Here’s the logic;always one of the two parties always has to fall for the other.If you are not the one who thinks that there could be more about them that you want than just “friendship” then you should definitely know that they are conspiring 1 million ways to attract you without you even realizing,which is always the case.So if you are enjoying the benefits of being just friends with a guy or girl at least be aware because really,it is just beyond pointless convincing yourself that a chance of them liking is not in the realm of possibility.This goes only for innocent friendships that do not have any agreement or nature of some sort.

As for friends-with-benefits-friendships,every time,one’s benefits in the friendship comes at the cost of another.Guys prefer sexual and intimate benefits while girls on the other hand prefer instead security,commitment,monetary resources,advice and mostly knowledge about how males think,however this is not limited to both sexes because guys may look for commitment as well or other things in the friendship.

Mostly when one party is content or satisfied about what their counterpart is forth bringing,this might cause the other to feel like they are only being used.A girl might feel like she’s not taken seriously if all a guy asks for is sex,not meaning that the girl is not enjoying it as well.A guy might also feel like taking out his friend-with-benefits or sitting with her for a civil conversation is a waste of time and money,or a girl might want to take the level of the relation to a more platonic level,which is mostly frustrating for guys.

This goes to prove that inter-sexual friendships are a tough cookie to crack.In every case where the said friendship is beneficial to one and too frustrating for the other,some little common problems arise and we have seen them through different experiences.This eventually leads to some people feeling like,or even literally being put in the infamous friend-zone(with no benefits).

Males and females can never be friends because one man’s meat is another man’s poison,meaning is one is happy then the other most likely frustrated,however this post is not biased towards the fact that there could be other ideas that I didn’t include in it.Somebody might feel different and have a totally different argument.Thanks for reading.I am out.

NB: Wale ft SZA x The need to know is pretty relevant to this topic.



  1. I am one who dares to see opportunity out of obscurities; and such has lead me to discover that as far fetched as it may be, inter sexual friendships can work on a long term basis. The mistake often made, is choosing the friend based on a faulty criteria. Often we justify with the fact of the matter that they have both beauty and brains…yes, they are smart, intelligent, and so are you, but that does not make your ‘relationship’ prone to functionality, because equivalent IQ puts no couple on the same level of thinking. If only friends-with-benefits could be between people on the same level of ambition, with the same reasoning capacity, and guts to stick to the initial agreement and leave the emotions locked up on the shelf. If it is about sex, let it solely be about it, don’t expect him to text you on sleepless nights; statistics show girls are likely to fail miserable at this, however i put it upon the guy to find that girl who is adult enough to stick it out; but then again guys tend to coward away from such girls, because such girls make the statistic contrary. Should it be about cuddling, don’t become kinky on rainy days.
    That should be the last of my words, because now it starting to look more like a secondary blog, than a comment.


  2. As far fetched as it may be, inter sexual friendships can function on a long term basis. The mistake often made is that the partner is chosen on a faulty criteria.”Beauty and brains” do not determine the functionality of a relationship. Yes, your partner is smart, intelligent…and so are you, but that does not put you on the same level of reasoning ability. If it is about sex, let is solely be about that; statistics prove that girls are most likely to fail miserably at this, however i put it upon the guy to get that girl who is adult enough to stick it though and leave emotions locked up on the shelf, but then again guys coward away from such girls- girls who contravene statistics. If it is about cuddling, don’t go bargaining for more on rainy days. Lastly, should it be about pure friendship…. its a matter of being man enough to suppress your urges away from daylight


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