Judgments vs. Open mindedness

IMG_20151225_193059_editIt’s very advisable for an individual to have a set of values and principles that they abide by, because in that way it means they will stand for something rather than just fall for any critic that aims at killing their ambitions and beliefs.
Anyone has a right to follow whatever belief they want, or to not choose one at all. Now once you have made your choice you are left with a responsibility to mind your own business, as far as I am concerned.
It still goes to what is deemed a good deed in this society we live in. We all, are always ready to judge people on what we think is right or wrong, which in true sense is only true to what we believe in and therefore only extends as far as what our piece-of-meat-for-brains has experienced and remembers.
I mean come to think of it, the phrase ‘FIRST IMPRESSION’ actually means ‘AN INDIVIDUAL’S ACTIONS IN ACCORDANCE TO WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN’.
If for example, you love cussing and at one moment you are introduced to someone who happens to accidentally trip off some pavement brick at that moment and exclaims “urgg Fuck” before they shake your hand, then you wouldn’t really mind.
However, if in the same instance there’s someone who really hates cussing and they experience the same situation then we know for sure how they will be disgusted in a way that makes them presume this common denominator’s FIRST IMPRESSION as BAD.

This only explains why you judge people in a presumably safer coconut way.
So we experience the same situation shit with different life views. Now the deal here is to butt off and learn to think of every situation with an open mind. Because firstly you don’t know it all as an average person.

That is why when you were 7, a year was the longest period in your life and a R10 note made you the richest kid at the ice-block spaza.
Now you know better to realize that crying for chrismas clothes is the lame shit you ever did as a kid.

These are small memories that should teach you that whatever that you do today might not be what you believe in tomorrow. That will help you look at other people and what they do in a different way.
I am writing this article with the level of maturity and the extension of knowledge that the experiences filled in my amnesiac mind can allow. If you are reading this and feeling like it hasn’t inspired you in anyway, then you are not the targeted audience. #Signs-out


One thought on “Judgments vs. Open mindedness

  1. Great piece buddy.

    You just reminded me “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” – quote by Unknown.

    However, I believe the concept on first impression should be applicable on certain concepts or context. Would love to give a challenge where a dialogue on appropriate or inappropriate context for “first impression counts” is leveled. In such a way we won’t be trapped in what Chimamande Adechie, the Nigerian author calls “a single story”, which she concede there is danger in it.

    I enjoyed your piece though, worth reading and worth sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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