Love, Dating or whatever the fvck you call it

I hate that I am writing about this clichéd topic, especially after so long since my last piece, but motions are motions & my writing is largely motivated by the energy I feel at a specific moment.


In a relationship two people NEVER love each other equally. One person always loves the other more than the other does. That is just how life is designed to be.
A relationship is not an easy task depending on which side of it you are. It is like a roller coaster, it favors your feelings one time then in the next relationship it favors your next partner.
Meaning, you are in a relationship and you love that person wholeheartedly. You love their attention, good and bad things; you get jealous when they talk to other people, blah blah the usual shit. Then most likely they hurt you so you leave them. After this you spend time trying to convince yourself how you would never love anyone like that again.
Then you meet the next person after some time & fall into a relationship with them. Usually this time the universe favors you more. You don’t love this new person because you don’t want to feel the way you felt the last time in the past relationship. But usually the new person loves you so much & you cannot see it at that moment.
Your new partner then goes through what you went through in your last relationship. You treat them like your ex treated you, this new person loves your attention, loves small things about you, gets jealous about who you talk to blah blah the usual shit. Then they leave you for always hurting them, whatever the reason might be.
Later on you realize that you lost someone who actually was really down for you always. Then you spend your time convincing yourself that you will never hurt someone who loves you that much again.
However girls are emotional beings, their logic is suspended when they deal with love issues. They don’t want a good guy because apparently he is boring. But again they don’t want a guy who mistreats them. I would like to assume that they want a guy who has options, but does not invest in these options, sexually or otherwise.
As far as cheating is concerned, a guy sleeping with another girl doesn’t mean love or that his girl is being replaced. Ass is ass it’s just a matter of indulging or taking an advantage of the moment. Besides if his girl’s sex game is poor, a guy tends to find a sphonono nyana ko kasi because she arches her back real low when hitting it from the back or she blows you the minute you walk in the door, sometimes a nigga needs a little hospitality like “A nka direla rre tea nyana or otla nduba-duba pele?”. I am not revealing secrets these are simple hints.
In conclusion, this post is to just highlight the trend about love and dating from my own perspective. Two people can never love on another equally; when relationships succeed I would like to believe there’s a certain level of maturity and understanding from the partner who loves less. If that’s you congratulations, you are a victim of a stronger bhekamina.
I would like to apologize for my lack of consistency on my blog. It won’t happen again from 2017 onwards. Thank you for reading.KayGalokaiweSA


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