Making a decision for yourself requires a relevant level of maturity. When you transition from childhood to adulthood, one of the first things you are thirsty to explore is being able to deal with situations at your own discretion. It is a luxury you get for growing up emotionally, mentally and otherwise. However, it’s your responsibility to boldly face the repercussions of your own decisions whether good or bad.

Everyone has a freedom of choice, what you do with your life is totally up to you. You could make or break your own fate. I personally believe that when a human being is conceived, immediately when the first sperm cell fuses with the egg cell, the universe already has your purposes is defined. Your assignment has begun. You are going to be groomed from birth until you are able to make choices of your own and be responsible for them.

This would mean a path to what you’re supposed to become has been set already. Ultimately your only responsibility is to craft the person you are now, to fit into becoming the person you should be. That is why when you don’t care about shaping your life now, you won’t be able to achieve your life purpose until you step up your game. Otherwise, you will die regretting why you never exhausted your options.

Although you can make better choices given a second chance, I always wonder if you forfeit an opportunity forever by initially making a bad choice. For example, I procrastinate a little too much. When the test is in two weeks, to me it’s way too far ahead and I feel like I still have time. Even when there are three days left my mind works out how I am going to study which chapter for how long. Fast forward to 3 am on the day of the test, there I am trying to cram three chapters in two hours, having to sleep at 5 am because the test starts at 9 am. Then as you would expect I fail dismally.

Obviously,if I had studied on time I’d have passed well. But I also wonder if I had studied and passed, would it have opened doors for me that I‘m now not aware of since I have failed? Also, if I get a rewrite or repeat the subject then I pass, do I unlock the same opportunities I missed the first time when I failed or has that chapter in my life been erased off completely since I have forfeited it? It is the mystery I will probably never be able to find out.

Another example is with relationships. I once messed up what I would like to believe would have turned out to be something beautiful. Although I missed a chance to experience how that would have turned out, my question is; if I could right my wrongs now and get a second chance at it, will I experience something new or the same thing that would have transpired back in the past?? But it’s just a black thought though.

I am the worst decision maker. But I hardly ever torture myself based on the choices I made. Hope is all that I live for, although I am not sure if it’s enough. I have a feeling that I am going to be great one day,but I just haven’t figured out how. I have not yet chosen to start working towards that goal. Not making a choice with your life at all is also making a bad choice.

Kay Galokaiwe


One thought on “WHAT IF

  1. My younger brother, congratulations on your honest and insightful piece. You did manage to write from the fountain of honesty as a young person. Many still live in denial of the reality of like and continue blaming others for their past and present failures than claiming failed self responsibility and trying alternate ways to do better. Your piece did unravel the truth about one’s fault and need for self reliance and responsibility. I congratulate you on that but leaving you with these few challenges which I stringly feel are important yet missing in your piece. In this fashion I would like to encourage more writing and encourage freedom in giving even that sensitive information as a writer.

    1. Can you share on what other strategies were employed in order to pass your tests/exams when you withdrew from procrastination.
    2. In your view, what kind of people would you say procrastination is for them? Can they procrastinate on everything or just a few and should they know what to never procrastinate from and what to procrastinate on?
    3. Share more about your relationship that you said you failed from. What is it that you did? – what a catch here as I laugh out loud. How did you know it was your fault? How can men prevent that very kind of failure in their relationships?

    I will leave the list at those. I believe in their imperativeness as they will allow your piece not to just be a read but to be educational to people struggling in the very same levels you struggled before. Again, well done on your piece. Despite the few challenges I raised I still consider it as a definite must read. My comments does not in anyway make your piece null and void. Keep up the good work!!

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